Romanian hackers break into Lidl`s online presence as pandemic leaves them without scones.

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I’ve got to live to the day when hackers do not try to exercise their shady skills on multinationals, banks or mere personal accounts, but target giant supermarket chains in a quest to monopolise the prices of scones and pale ale beer. All in the times when the rush to get our hands on as many packs of toilet paper have just faded away and the transition to the colder season leaves a bitter taste on our destroyed summer dreams. 

If 2020 couldn’t get worse, believe me, it now proves us all it could. While I personally was expecting the arrival of foreign life to our little blue planet, as it was the last thing left on the agenda that 2020 forced us to follow this year,  Lidl Romania posted a clip on their youtube channel, which has been overtaken by a mysterious, horribly dressed hacker:

The anonymous character, who presents himself as “Plus”, threatens to disclose the company’s secret pricing scheme to its avid customers, while daring to present himself wearing a washed-out black hoodie, an obvious cliché in the world of hacking. To my knowledge, hoodies are so last season and I am sure I spotted a pair of skinny jeans accompanying that atrocious garment, which would create a bitter remembrance of the 2008 fall-winter styling tricks. I`d recommend “Plus” to choose something more psychedelic, perhaps a neon-orange Moschino dress and Rick Owens platform shoes that would contrast with the gloomy decor, as no sort of online appearance  should be a fashion disaster. Not even a cybernetic attack. 

I am yet to follow Plus`s fashionably (not) endeavour in the quest of disclosing the price of next week’s ice cream and maybe I will even help him be a more prominent stylistic presence at the benefit of being his partner in crime. At the end of the day, any fashion king like me would accept such a trade. 

Love, L.C.

Last modified: September 29, 2020

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