the no.1 RoseMary Water hits Romanian shelves countrywide

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It is a posh thing to drink infused water. The options are basically endless- from cucumber to tropical fruits, infused water comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes- when I travelled to Dubai I was even served with infused water popsicles. But what if we replaced these conventional ingredients with something rather more.. inventive?

Ditch the fruits and add some essential rosemary, juniper or mint extracts. And many others. No.1 Botanicals, the company that started this new trend came up with the idea about one year ago and their aromatised waters took over the world of fine living. Moreover, as only alkaline water is used, the antioxidant and revitalizing effects of their drinks are fully catalysed. Originating on the shores of the Mediterranean, fragrant rosemary was revered by the Ancient Greeks as a medicine to enhance memory and improve circulation. To this day, bittersweet rosemary is celebrated as the symbol of remembrance. No1 Rosemary Water is the perfect drink to bring a taste of Acciaroli from the Italian hills to any occasion. Starting with the exquisite Rosemary Water, No1 Botanicals expanded the range with 9 other assortments. Henceforth, mint, juniper, fennel, lemon verbena, basil, olive leaf, sage, meadowsweet and thyme extracts are now used to create eponymous drinks, just perfect for the scorching summer days. Image result for no1 botanicals

The science behind this product is developed in cooperation with world-renown botanists. The extracts are authenticated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew , which also are contributing to the understanding of plants with benefits for humankind. Each herb is chosen for its unique properties and subtle flavour, and undergoes a complex extraction process that preserves the precious botanical compounds. Born in glamorous London and now hitting the shelves of the Romanian market, courtesy of AVDRINKSIMPORT, the No1 Botanical Sparlinng Waters are an enriched way of drinking the most common fluid-waterImage result for no1 botanicals


No.1 Botanical Soda is a brand new range of sugar-free, botanical extract mixers containing no additives, sweeteners or preservatives.

Last modified: August 23, 2019

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