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Bombarded by climate change warnings from every corner of the social media environment I take a moment no take a fresh breath of air. I exhale and continue running. However, more caustic than ever, the thought of losing all the greenery surrounding me, due to lack of taking action at the right time, is becoming more afflicting. Why the heck cannot I stop climate change and the rapid disintegration of our whole global nature?

Arrived home, I open my phone and start frenetically scrolling (as always), until I stop on a post saying that the best way of mixing fashion with being eco-friendly would be re-using old garments. I have actually been doing this for quite a good year, but never considered staring to actually wear entire second-hand/vintage outfits.. all the time. I was generally only using some garments and accessories bought in various such stores, but never ever had I worn an entire outfit composed of vintage clothes, especially at a public event. But fashion is a game at its core, that’s so worth playing. So here I go.

My very first destination, CheckVintageAndMore, which was actually chosen not only because the uniqueness of the available fashion pieces, but also because it is literally next doors to my apartment. The dresscode, “something white”, was very generous, so I opted for a mostly white outfit, but decided to break the monotony, as always, by adding a pair of colourful linen trousers. Decided to go for a bit of a 70s inspired look, with some hippie influences. The staff at the shop was so nice, aiding me in the many cases I needed their presence, while I was browsing through the many racks full of vintage designer clothes, as well as just some second-hand bargains.

Just before the event, I needed some little enhancements to my outfit, just to take it more to a playful zone. I got some cute matching bracelets and rings, as well as a beautiful pair of clear glasses, all from YLS Shop, and off I was! On top of the countless compliments, received even from famous stylists, I also got the chance to feel again, like my true self. And got also to enjoy some awesome cocktails!

How do escape the ordinary, while taking care of the nature? Leave me your thoughts below.



With Lucy Faur


What I Wore:

  1. Trousers, Shirt, Belt: CheckVintageAndMore (vintage garments)
  2. Headpiece: Margaux Atelier- available at CheckVintageAndMore
  3. Sneakers: Converse
  4. Jewelries: YLS shop
  5. Glasses: Emilio Pucci











Last modified: August 23, 2019

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