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I have to confess that I am a maniac of really vintage accessories. As if you hadn’t known already.. However, the amount of ambition I have, to just get to wear some, could take me far, far away in life, if I would have it also for other things.

Drifting away from this self-criticising note (which we all should have, from time to time), I want to show you today how I managed to be glam as ever, unique- looking and show-stopping as always and still on a budget. Ah, another fact: I am so NOT very modest. Why would anyone be, if they’d be wearing these garments and many more, that I myself got from the Armadio Concept Store?!

I paired a long, thin, silky trench with a pair of silk, vaporous, trousers. After adding a pearl necklace that would mark the base of my neck, I started to add a more glamorous vibe to the outfit, by placing many vintage brooches on only one collar of the trench. I know, as a styling rule, that we shouldn’t make things symmetrically, so neither did I. I added a pair of rounded glasses, grabbed my new phone for the photoshoot and hit the streets like I am at Milan Fashion Week.

Add a pair of sneakers for a more urban twist

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…and by the way, what are your biggest fashion fantasies?



Pair up the outfit with your invincible, winning attitude!

Pick the right brooches that complement each other. Place them on one side only.

Live the Bella Vita!

And never stop dreaming.

Get my outfit:

  1. Trousers and trench: Armadio Concept Store

  2. Accessories: Armadio Concept Store

  3. Shoes: Vans

Last modified: August 27, 2019

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