Sunday stroll

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The atmosphere has started to chill slowly, but steadily, that now wearing a blazer in the morning is kind of necessary if you want to feel comfy. And be stylish.

I love plaid suits so I grabbed this Gucci one, which I paired with my comfy pair of Vans and a Karl Lagerfeld top that would match the shoes. Added a hat for a more fun and dramatic look and got the 60cm  Hermes Birkin in order to fit in all the stuff I had to shop from the farmers` market. I so love markets; they like real youth fountains.

A Sunday is really about relaxation so I am just going to cut this short. Down here is the visual breakdown of my look.

Stay classy, sassy and a bit more badassy.



What I wore:

  1. Suit: Gucci
  2. Bag: Hermes
  3. Top: Karl Lagerfeld
  4. Hat: vintage
  5. Shoes: Vans
  6. Brooch: Alexander McQueen

All from YLS BOUTIQUE, powered by Snobbish Society.

Photos: Laurentiu Negru 











Last modified: September 8, 2019

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