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I find it sexier when people choose to overly dress up. Well, this phrase is pretty subjective, since, in my case, someone can rarely be overdressed. But if done in a classy, stylish and glamorous way, I get totally horny. Stylistically speaking.

And because there’s no other better day than today to make an appearance that most consider ultimate glamour extravaganza, I chose to make out of my invitation to the Sephora&AnastasiaBeverlyHills party the perfect reason to propose myself accordingly┬áfront of the world. In the end, we are still living in a society that praises a good look and a fine suit. Just perfect, as I’ve got my own back when it comes to wonderful suits.

The dress code was, as ever, pretty simple: cocktail party. Since I have never worn an all-black outfit, I considered this occasion the best for fulfilling my long-life dream, so to speak. After a delightful visit at the Monocult Menswear headquarters, where I can always count on their vast array of suits and jackets, and a seemingly endless trip around the city to grab the perfect black shirt, the look was final. In the end, sometimes playing the safe card is the best thing. However, I opted to break a bit the conventional rules by choosing a pair of black suede cowboy boots that would add edginess to the look, as well as a big brooch that I placed instead of the traditional bowtie.

Needless to say, most people will be in awe at the sight of such a look. And don’t we love creating a little rumour around us?

Love, L.C.


What I wore:

  1. Blazer: Monocult Menswear

  2. Trousers: Trends by Adina Buzatu

  3. Shirt: Zara

  4. Boots: Saint Laurent

  5. Brooch: Alexander McQueen

Last modified: October 7, 2019

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