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I am breathlessly running in between the countless cars caught in the traffic jam. Of course I had to be late, AGAIN! And the scorching evening isn’t of much help either. Sweat is falling down in big drops along my face and I am struggling to keep myself alive. I am late again..

… 15v minutes later I get to my annoyed friend, who was sitting nervously on the sidewalk, In despair that we`re about to miss the golden hour. You know it, the most awaited time of the day. The best time to take some cool pics. Us humans can be so weird, sometimes. Nevertheless, after checking of my makeup didn’t go down the start, along with the sweat, (thank god it didn’t), we get to work. Shot after shot, the pics are just getting better. And I realise what was holding me so much from moving freely, and why people were turning heads after me- the skirt. It is the first time I am choosing to wear such a thing, to dare more and to have the guts to free a bit of my inner self.

My friend told me I look like a modern version of a gypsy witch. I told her to shut up and continue posing, as what I am wearing was first seen in Vogue Hommes. I honestly haven’t seen anything like my outfit so far, but I had to defend myself in one way or another. And, perhaps, the inventivity of the fashion editors and the forenamed magazine has already touched on the stylistic zone I am approaching today. I can only, at least, hope. At every corner of the street there must be someone whistling me, throwing a whispered curse or shouting at me with excitement. I suppose people generally find it too much for a boy to wear a long, wide skirt. They’ll have to change. Or tacitly ignore.

Nevertheless, if you choose to be a bit more than playful and recreate my outfit, here’s how I came up to this result: start with a long skirt, but try to compensate the outfit by adding mostly or only men’s fashion garments, or unisex ones. Therefore, I added a plain white shirt and a pair of converse, but still wanted to add a detail to mark my waist, by placing a red belt above the skirt. Add a chain featuring various details for a plus of originality.

And embrace your look. Be bold. Never stop being you.
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Last modified: August 16, 2019

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