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I cannot stop myself from wondering about what lays beyond the horizons of dreams humanity has so eagerly build.. what if all we have is just one last sunset to live, one last ephemeral display of our star`s chromatic talents, until we find out that all the dreams we’ve kept so far away, on the horizon line, are now left behind in a past dotted with smouldering stars? And what if all those dreams can be brought alive sooner, at the right time, with a bit of a good luck, letting them veil us in a purple haze, as if sunshine has just returned after a century-long storm?…..

The pandemic started to leave its toll on our overall positivity and it seems like its been a storm that will just never end, just like Jupiter`s gigantic red spot, the most dreadful hurricane in the solar system, that has been going on over the past 400 years. However, rather than just projecting dreams on a very distant horizon, in a future when such times will become just a sad memory, why not start living them now, with the help of our greatest passions… in my case, fashion.


The outfit I chose to wear today is a scream of mine to a more childish and innocent version of mine, as if I am trying to warn my younger self of the dangers of growing up. In the end, who said we have to grow up but also dress like that? That’s why, on this day, I opted for a very playful and eclectic look, built around the mystical purple haze of a sunset at the end of a rainy day.. just like the one on which we shot our pictures today.

Purple was once reserved to be the colour of nobility and especially royalty, due to its extensive production process, initially being extracted from a species of sea snails in the proximity of what we call today Lebanon. With the miracle of synthetic dyes, that emerged around the 1850s, purple has become more widely accessible and I took advantage of this, in order to create a fresh, youthful look, just right for an evening night out with my fashionable pals.

I laid over a vintage Burberry polo t-shirt over a mesh top with weird prints, all brought into an even more purple ensemble with the help of a pair of wide-legged, high-waisted trousers. To further the eccentricity of the outfit, I loved pairing some cowboy boots to this look and added a three-line pearl choker that matched well the Palm Angels aesthetic I was following, inspired by the bag I got from the brand.

Would these garments match well had I not been wearing them? Many would say probably not. However, in our days, fashion rules are meant to be broken apart and rebuilt in a personal form, that best fits to each personality facet we own.

And, why not just go wild with it?
Above all, just dare to be the person you’ve always wished to be.

Love, L.C.

Add a multitude of colourful bracelets to complete the look!

Add a touch of edginess with a trousers` chain made out of a shell necklace!

Stroll around as if paparazzi were on your trace 😉

What I wore:

  1. T-shirt( vintage Burberry ), trousers, mesh top, boots and accessories- ALL from CHECK VINTAGE&MORE 

Last modified: January 17, 2021

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