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Exam period is upon us all, unfortunate students who dream of achieving the best career one would want. In between the sound of typing and the countless pages that lay on everyone’s table these days, the only walks that can be afforded are to and from the library. The sun starts to be scorching. Online, youngsters from the other part of Europe are already lounging by the pool, sipping from their perfect ice martinis, picturing the Insta-perfect pool life. I am definitely suffering of FOMO.

And I run out of the library, without even looking back, or sideways, minding the dangerous bicycle traffic. I run, embracing the sun rays like a 7-year old running towards his mother after the first day of school. However, no mother waiting for me and no more excitement after a day of school anymore. Just monotony and a dark thought in the back of my mind. A thought of resemblance to the monotonous turnover life has gotten in the past moths.

As an ode to the conservatism that, despite their so called “open-minded” views, many people show here, I chose a more sober outfit, especially that, again, the weather doesn’t really remind me that summer`s already here. This place can almost murder a soul that is too expansive and too eager to establish life-long connections with people around here. Therefore, as a mourning statement, I went all-black, with little exceptions. In the end, as a very wise person once said, a bitch never truly dies. Lucky me I still got my matching sense in order, so I chose a blazer and a matching vintage hat to bring some life to the outfit.

After losing almost 10 kilograms in the past 10 moths, due to the quality, or better said, the lack of it, of the social life I have in Amsterdam, almost no clothes make me look fit anymore. Finally, I can be on the same page with the new fashion trends and embrace the oversized looks without investing a dime into it. How hilarious..

Nevertheless, start from a black base and gradually add items that are more playful, in order to pull a unique look. I began with black loose-leg trousers and shirt, to which I added a blazer and a match hat, to hide my (small) mistake of cutting my hair so short. To keep everything in a youthful note, I added a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers. Moreover, I matched the knuckle of the belt with the golden shade of the sunglasses, grabbed a matchy bag, that`s black but still has the squared pattern that can be found on the blazer and hat and there I was. All fashionably coordinated, from head to toe.

When times get dark, go bolder. That`s what I never cease to tell myself, even though, day by day, I seem like I am fading.. on an alarming rate. In this moments only the passion for fashion keeps me going. What about you?

What keeps you stay true and keen to yourself?



What I wore:

  1. Trousers: Zara
  2. Shirt: Mango Man
  3. Sneakers: Louis Vuitton
  4. Bag: Louis Vuitton
  5. Blazer: WE Fashion
  6. Hat: vintage, bought from a vintage shop in Brussels
  7. Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger
  8. Belt: Bershka

Last modified: June 16, 2019

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Modern old-timer

  1. Ana-Maria says:

    Beautiful photos 😉

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