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PUNK. Chaos to couture.
-An artistic manifesto characterised by an anti movement towards social norms.-

Long before the invitation was sent out to the public, by means only known by myself (aka having connections all around the city), I managed to find out the concept of the Elle Gala of this year, 2019. In case you don’t know, the Elle Gala, or, more officially known, the Elle style Awards Gala, is the, last, largest (and actually the only) event dedicated to fashion, in Romania, in the entire year. Once again, through means only I could invent, I succeeded to get my hands on one invitation to this cheaper Met Gala wannabe and my one wish was to show people how it is actually supposed to be done. The outfit, I mean.

This year’s theme was simply stated “Punk”. Honestly, no additions or explanations are needed, as this artistic current, manifested as a subculture, speaks for itself. Punk is a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music, popular in the late 1970s, which put its mark on the pop-culture itself and, consequently, fashion as well. In fashion, punk was mostly introduced by designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui and jean Paul Gautier, who introduced some elements into haute couture and, later on, into ready-to-wear garments. Whether we’re talking about the different styles of punk (anarchy-punk, Celtic punk, garage punk, glam punk, horror and death rock punk, droog and so on), one thing is for sure: each look has a very established message behind it, a message that is meant to bring change and goes against social norms.

Punk is, above all, a metaphor of the recreation of values. Henceforth, punk can also be viewed as a form of giving different meanings to various objects, especially regarding fashion. The purpose, nevertheless, is to transmit a strong and factual idea. Therefore, when I started building my look, I wanted to bring to light the part of me that has always gone against what our distorted reality calls “normal”- the Yin part of myself out, manifesting it into a glamorous, yet outrageous way. Keeping the punk track, I decided to incorporate trash bags into my outfit, with the hope of showing that trash can also be reused and be more glamorous than ever. And that I can also look good wearing trash bags!

While the outfit part was quite easy to devise, I needed a makeup look that would both be punk, yet still have a dash of glamour, and continue to support my idea of supporting the feminine part of myself, while exaggerating some parts. I needed something slightly camp, if you will. I had the luck to be contacted by the Makeup Cult Academy, through Luiza Ionescu, its founder, the only one who, out of all the narrow-minded people I contacted for the creation of this look, embraced my idea and the challenge itself. We inspired ourselves from Lady Gaga`s 2019 Met Gala look, by creating and incorporating dramatic lashes, 6 cm long, into a theatrical makeup.

The process of creating the lashes took about 1 week in total and was conducted by Bianca Vasile. She used a special, lightweight, metallic paper, which she cut, ironed and glued together to form the most dramatic and glam-punk lashes ever. The Makeup Cult Academy Team shut down the entire makeup school in order to get ready for the big event and, moreover, they also helped me dress and add the final touches to the look. For sure without them the entire appearance would have not been show-stopping at all.

As for the outfit, I bought a crinoline which I covered in rolls of trash bags. Since no so-called designer believed in my vision and wanted to help me, I made it myself, by placing it on lampshade, in order to get full control of the process (thanks grandma for borrowing me your lampshade lol!!). I sprayed it at the end, writing on it my main message I wanted to transmit: LOVE NO PLASTIC. In the upper part, I used a black blazer from Check Vintage Shop, my go-to shopping place in Bucharest, over which I applied a satin corset, so that I can have my silhouette enhanced. Placing safety pins, a now famous punk symbol in fashion, and choosing to wear a tight net under everything, as well as finishing the look with a pair of cowboy boots, completed the entire outfit and aesthetic I was going for.

I am living for such artistic projects, as I can let my imagination free, embrace and discover unknown parts of myself. Also, such projects show you who is actually supportive of you and who doesn’t believe in your vision upon life, after all, and I am so grateful to have worked with the amazing Makeup Cult Academy team.

Special thanks to: Luiza Maria Ionescu, Bianca Vasile and Lorena Biris, who worked a lot to ensure I look worth a billion dollars.

With Luiza Ionescu, the makeup boss.

Photos: Ioana Cristina, Lorena Biris,  Elle magazine.

Last modified: January 24, 2020

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Elle Style Awards `19

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