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I was recently confronted by someone I really liked, with regards to my so called dated style. The words I received injured my soul in such way, that I really kept thinking at them for the rest of the day. And when such criticism (insert here the following: looking pathetic and too crazy for the year 2019) is thrown at you by someone you fancy, it doesn’t come easy at you. However, who does actually decide what is dated and what is not?

Since when is something dated? When does one object`s life become obsolete? What is the limit between normal looking, according to today`s standards, and pathetically appealing? With this in mind, I headed online, as if I wasn’t already, to inspire myself from the latest trends and to try not to adapt them to my seemingly absent fashion sense. With so much utter disgust towards the  affirmations received, I started creating a look that’s meant to twist the standards upside down, still look glamorous, would be suitable for a fashion week show and still be me. I still and will always stand that whatever one wears must suit themselves no matter what.

I had in mind the image of a mad business man, sick of the limitations imposed by the ones like the person I so fancied. @Check_Vintage_More, one of my favourite vintage clothing stores in Bucharest, took part in my fashion manifesto as well, for the record, giving me access to their immense array of interesting and beautifully preserved garments.  While using a nylon trench, I chose a pair of cowboy boots, since they’re so in right now, and a belt to mark my waist nicely. To make it outrageous, I chose to wear the trench on bare skin, having only a pair of shorts that would look like underwear on me. Because why not?! Grabbed my snake bag and gone I was.

It is up to each one of you what I came up with. Is it ridiculous? That was my goal. Is it still wearable? Is it pathetic enough that would close the mouth of such people? Hope it is! Never allow someone, no matter how much you like them, to crash your way of expressing yourself. Fight back, and keep yourself on the first place. You deserve it. And who understands your weirdness, will stick too you. Let the others vanish in the dust of anonymity and sadness. Fashion is fun, not a matrix we should all follow.

What is your own vision upon fashion? Can anything become dated, or are we the ones bringing it back to life?



P.S. Dear T., you’re so dated. You just don’t realise it, yet. Following a matrix isn’t in anymore.

What I wore:
Full outfit: Check Vintage Shop 


Thank you Laurentiu Negru (@imlaurn) for helping me obtain the visual material.

Last modified: August 31, 2019

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