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The frightful wind didn’t scare me enough to cover me up. Who would even, really, when the IT event of the night is the launch of a festival, event held in one of the magnificent rooms of the Romanian Parliament, the second largest administrative building in the world. And, if there is also a party ahead, why not show a little bit of skin?

As I was attending such an event in such a flamboyant location, I had to meet at the middle of 2 extremes: the craziness of a true festival and the imposing strictness represented by the Parliament itself. Henceforth, I chose a vintage suit, proper for a Parliament meeting, and a pair of cowboy boots, just perfect for a day full of dancing at the SAGA festival. As I wanted too be even bolder, I inspired myself from some guests at the latest fashion shows, and decided to wear the suit on bare skin, accessorising it with necklaces.

As the vintage cowboy boots had a metal tip, I made sure the jewellery matched the silver shades. Moreover, I kept the makeup minimal, and went for a rather boy-ish look, for the sake of the event.. although I wouldn’t have minded a very smudgy smoky eye.. if only I had enough time for that!

What do you think, dear fashion lovers? Have I convinced you already top wear a suit in.. its sexiest manner ever?

Love, LC.

What I wore:

  1. Suit: grandpa’s wardrobe

  2. Boots: Check Vintage Shop

  3. Necklaces: some vintage ones, some from Bershka.

Last modified: March 10, 2020

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