A run back to October, 1973

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The other day, as I was waiting to board on the plane back to Bucharest, returning from a  very enticing destination that I will talk more about in my next posts, I heard an unfortunate voice whining about how sad it is that autumn decided to come back again. As if it weren’t by the law of nature. Yeah, I know, the melancholy of falling leaves and slowly sliding into the holiday season can be dreadful for some of us, but the world hasn’t stopped yet. It`s once again time to play with textures and layers, after all.

Oh yeah, layering.. our good old friend. You’ll now probably get mad at me and say that layering is probably the most significant enemy to our nice smelling clothes. But, if done correctly and intelligently, you’ll stay away from sweating in the subway crowd or being too cold once you get out. In the end, it`s all about placing garments strategically; almost a kind of battle against the increasingly frightful weather.

Since the outside conditions enabled me to unleash my inner pullover-lover, I had no time to waste. A dreadful breeze was almost about to fly me far away, hopefully to warmer countries, but I wasn’t that lucky. However, I still had some luck left as I found the perfect shirt in my wardrobe: a vintage, silk Ferragamo shirt, just the right one to be worn underneath a cozy, cashmere pullover. As I said, layering is all about strategy, so by placing a very soft, sheer shirt first, and then adding thicker and scratchier fabrics on top of it, I felt more comfortable than ever and got rid of any sweating. Thank god! Always choose the finest fabric for the garments you know you’ll wear directly on your skin, to minimise the risk of irritation and sweating.

Furthermore, grandpa`s old pair of trousers, which I have previously adjusted, made the win for this outfit. The loose fit gave the look a little 70s vibe, while still keeping it drawn into contemporaneity, as this fit is once again, in. I opted for a white pair on converse sneakers (obviously, they go well with everything), to tone down a bit the gloominess of the outfit, give a youthful edge to the look, as well as a pair of round glasses, which contrast with the straight, masculine cuts of the garments. Just to sweeten a bit the appearance. And voila! All I needed was a good Old Fashioned.

Wanna grab a cocktail with me? Or just wander together, along the damp pavements, in search of new photogenic places? Leave me your thoughts below.

… and always remember, it`s always a good time to make the worst times be fashionable.

Love, L.C.

What I wore:

  1. Shirt: vintage Ferragamo

  2. Pullover: Yohji Yamamoto

  3. Trousers: grandpa`s closet.

  4. Sneakers: Converse

  5. Glasses: vintage

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A run back to October, 1973

  1. Angela says:

    Iti sta foarte bine asa 😉 Like!

    1. luca.cruceanu says:

      Va mulțumesc mult de tot!

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