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Just a dab of it and you’re wide awake! Bye-bye blemishes, dark circles, imperfections and bad decisions… well, maybe the bad decisions will still stick around, but at least their effects will be diminished and long gone. Until you wash it away. Yeah, it`s the concealer that does the trick. THE concealer.

And not just any concealer. A good one will always do the trick. However, it just takes a gazillion years and maybe thousands of dollars thrown on the window until you find the right one for you. And, especially me, as a guy, I want to find somethings that’s literally invisible on the skin, yet transforms me radically into the most rested individual ever. Whether you’re dealing with deep and very dark under-eye circles, puffiness, slight discolouration, stubborn imperfections or just need a little, invisible enhancement before your big date, I`ve got you covered. Down here are my best picks so far, in terms of concealer:

  1. The low budget holy grail

If you don’t plan on splurging a fortune on your little makeup pal, then the Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer is the one to go for. This was my saviour on a trip to London, when my luggage that contained all my makeup got lost, so I had little money to buy a whole new kit, therefore I got this one. I have to say its creamy, radiant texture is wonderful! It settled a bit into my fine lines, especially as I laughed like crazy, but after getting my items back and I applied setting powder on top of it, it just stayed in place like none other! The shade range is not the most generous, yet manageable, but Maybelline is constantly adding new shades. Being named By Allure as the most popular concealer, approved by celebrity makeup artists, royalty and millions of consumers, this product doesn’t really disappoint. And for $7, it is definitely a bargain! Add 1 layer, let it dry, then add another one for a more full coverage effect.

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      2. The radiant one

Yeah, that’s actually its name. Kind of. With the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer you’ll become a more radiant, beautiful and youthful better version of yourself in just 2 swipes under your eyes. And a bit of blending. Nevertheless, it delivers exactly what it says and it saved me so so much during the high school years. This was my first ever concealer and I just have such a good experience with it. However, I feel like if you’re having a wrinkly undereye, this one might crease a bit, so applying a translucent powder on top of it is a must. However, one layer of this one should cover enough- meaning you’ll be left with a flawless face.

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3. The overachiever

HudaBeauty launched a few years ago and is in a continuous expansion due to the power of social media and.. amazing products. And they didn’t come to play with their Overachiever Concealer, which is now my favourite one. With a concentration of over 30% pigment, which makes it so high coverage that it can cover a tattoo, yet creamy, being enriched with Jericho Rose extract for its soothing and moisturizing properties, known to promote cellular regeneration as you wear, this one leaves you flawless, doesn’t crease and just transforms you into a supermodel-looking person. I am serious now, this is literally God sent. A little goes a long long way, so apply it lightly. Covers everything from the first layer. Worths every cent.

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4. The ultimate retoucher

For the most stubborn blemishes, I have been using the most concentrated concealer that comes for the best price. Even though it doesn’t work for my undereye area, the Sephora Collection concealer does wonders for the acne marks and other big imperfections on my face. I take a q-tip that I dab in the product, then I apply it only on the top of the imperfection. After I let it dry for about a minute, I start blending it in, while watching everything vanish. Hello perfection!

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Tip: use your finger to blend the concealer for a more full coverage effect, or opt for a BeautyBlender for a more subtle, flawless finish.
Anotha`tip: Use a colour corrector before applying concealer, for a more seamless finish.

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