About me

      Hey, you, lover of glam life!

How do you do?

Thank you for stumbling upon my humble and shiny web page, where I spill my styling tricks and share my beauty experiments and secrets. Who am I? It`s a secret I`ll not tell at the moment… I want you to tell me who I am, to leave a prepared and unexplored territory of my inner self ready for you.

I decided to open my little pandora box to the wide world of experiences that are waiting for both of us, along my blog journey, in 2017. I started this blog when everyone was telling me boys can’t dress up glamorously, or that we shouldn’t be too beautiful, if we aren’t already, as Mother Nature left us. Hell no; I’m not serving those lies. I started the blog to empower myself by empowering YOU to dare to be the person you have always wished to be. I started this blog as a manifesto of a young man who’s in a continuous search of discovering himself… aren’t we all, after all?

Whisper me in the ear your biggest fashion desires and I`ll show you can bring them to life. A passion for fashion must not remain a passion, but become a reality. With hard work, a lot of daydreaming, “eating fast fashion at breakfast and haute couture for dinner”, playing with looks and becoming bolder day by day, I am wanting to bring the blog life in the real life. Pictures must not remain pictures, but to be how you really are. Stories are not fantasies, but real-life experiences. Thats`s why, I put here, on this digital paper, my ups and down, big stakes and enormous mistakes, so that we can have fun of at the end of the day, sipping from a glass of vintage champagne. Basically, let`s have a life of a party.

            .. and remember, you must become the person you’ve always dared to be. It`s the best you deserve.

Love, L.C.