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They say, whoever they are, that great things take time. But, in fact, truly great things happen in a blink of an eye.

The walk along the still, mirror-like lake, with the skyscrapers shining like perfect constellations in the dark horizon, became the most magical moment of the entire year for him. Surrounded by the dazzle of countless diamond-looking lights, the two silhouettes are transposed into a common, mystical and warming world. Together. Who would have thought that years of day and night dreaming will ever come to life, all from a simple “Hey!”, written with the utmost shyness?..

… The world seems too small for the two of them. The balsamic scent of the skin, the fresh shisha savour still in the air and a scorching lust intoxicate their breaths. Also that silence. The breathtaking silence, that says more than any combination of words could ever do. The timid glances, arrows of an absent Cupid, shot towards each other`s souls, make their presence sporadically, giving birth to small sparkles in their eyes. If you listen carefully with your open heart, you can hear the billion butterflies in their stomachs…

In his eyes, ineffable desires have been boiling for too long already and his entire being is hungry for the love only THE ONE, in whose arms he is, can offer. To satisfy these desires, they’d have to traverse a whole eternity in order to contain it in its entirety. Or, maybe  just a longer stare would be enough. In that dim light, in the midst of that December night, his inner lust is now the way towards the long-desired lover`s soul. There, in his arms, he finally finds everything he so long thrived for… and together, after what seemed a carceral eternity, they feel complete. Screaming, dreadful tears of both sadness and happiness are almost bursting out of his eyes.

Their retinas get to finely gather each other`s genuine ideality, through the simple contemplation in front of two strong Old Fashioned cocktails. Their idealities are even more enhanced by their tall postures, classy, romantic looks and each other`s magistral beauty. Oh, God, how can this entire triad awake such deep, arduous feelings? How can this trigger their entire senses and make their blood reach alarming speeds through their aortas?

There, in the lap of the most bohemian soul he has ever met, he found The Beginning and The End. The ideals of two perfectly matching pieces, that could only feel, but never truly knew about each other`s existence, merged that night and, unconsciously, became one. Separated by two fundamentally different worlds, the desire for finding peace in each other`s presence is now the bridge that will connect them forever. There is a love somewhere hidden, yet they are too hesitant to fully share it.

A poetical mysticism veils their coexistence; a mysticism only they can decipher.

A breath. A hug like none other. One last tender touch…

When you are inspired by someone’s presence, when you’re triggered to become your best version once again, you know you’ve found the right one.

….What if they will never have to be apart, despite the duality and the circumstances of this distorted reality? What if he never answered to that plain “Hey!”? What if they had just five more minutes to finish what they left incomplete? What if we could turn back time and use it more wisely? What if we choose to say ” I love you” to someone we’ve  just met, as we know he’s truly deserving to be told that?

What if we…?


Last modified: December 23, 2019

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